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Toilet How To

As much as we do not like to admit it, toilets comprise a big part of our lives. Many hours are spent in bathrooms using toilets, if only for a place to sit while escaping from the family and getting a few precious moments to read the newspaper or that new book. But more than this, toilets perform a special and vital function in a house. They take away human waste products (and often other objects such as dead fish from the fish bowl or the leftover soup that got shoved to the back of the fridge and went bad). Via a remarkable system of pipes and pumps, toilets are the dock from which we ship waste to a facility where it is treated. The toilet helps keep our homes clean and germ free. Try imagining a city without toilets. It is a dangerous place where disease is lurking around every corner. Getting the right toilet, maintaining it and keeping it clean, then is an important process.

At Toilet How To we cover all the basics of toilet installation and maintenance:

Because of the job they do toilets come in for some degree of ridicule, and we will not spare the potty humor on this website.

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