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About Toilet How To

At Toilet How To we have put together a series of articles on toilets with a focus on how to install a new toilet. We tried to inject some humor here and there to lighten it up a bit. Also, the concept of the website is to come at the subject from every angle, with articles, drawings and even videos to help the average homeowner to deal with the most important fixture in the house. (It may get more use than the living room couch - especially if you like to read more than watch TV).

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The author of this website is W.J. Rayment who has authored many other home improvement websites including Wallpaper How To and Window How To. He is also author of the humorously rendered, How NOT to Build an Addition.

The website is structured to maximize efficient information absorption. The in-depth reader can choose to make use of the "next page" links at the bottom of each page, to read through the entire site in the manner in which it was intended. The person looking for quick and specific information can jump to the topic of his or her choice by clicking on a link on the index page or using the nav bar found at the top of each page.

Advertising Policies

The "Toilet How To" website does accept ads. We believe advertisers on this site enjoy visibility for their brands on informational pages that are read by a quality audience. We offer very reasonable rates for static image ads (should be 125X125 pixels or less). One image ad is far less expensive than a typical text ad, and a short 'alt' tag can be included in the link. We currently charge $20.00 per ad per page per year. Only one ad will be placed in this position per page. This is an excellent value and offers an opportunity to support the creation of high-quality content.

Currently, to conform with Google's policy on such matters, we do not accept text ads within our content. Our object is to provide a place where advertisers can purchase quality, long-term, brand-building ads. Also, by not selling links we help to ensure that search engines continue to provide quality results to web searchers.

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