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Tools for a Toilet Installation

In many cases, the only tools necessary when installing a new toilet are an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver. The wrench will be used for tightening down the toilet to the floor flange and will work in cooperation with the screwdriver to connect the tank to the bowl. There will also be the cold water connection to the bowl, which will probably require two wrenches, although with modern plumbing hoses, many of these may come with a wing nut that can be hand turned. A pair of adjustable pliers like channel locks will come in handy for loosening or tightening various connectors.

Tools for Toilet Repair and Maintenance

Yet toilet installation is not always this easy. It sometimes involves the replacement of the supply valve. Also, if the tank does not rest on the seat, there may be a pipe between the two for which a larger wrench or even a plumbing wrench might be handy.

If the toilet must be plumbed from scratch then a couple more tools will be necessary, especially a pipe cutter or hack saw, as well as a pipe wrench. One can seldom go amiss having a hammer handy. However, in this case it is likely to be unnecessary. In all, installing a toilet is very much a hands-on job. You may find yourself hugging it, manhandling it, and generally cajoling. Just remember, most toilets, like your good china, are made of gentle, but firm.

A few parts necessary to the job that likely will not come with a new toilet are a new wax ring and a flexible hose to connect the fresh water with the tank. Kitchen & bath caulk will be needed to secure the area around the toilet where it comes in contact with the floor. Toilet seats generally do not come with toilets. One should be selected at the time the toilet is purchased.

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